Dian Hirma, Rita Srihasnita RC, Fiko Farlis


Previous research has indicated that employees attitude towards performance management practice are very important because the philosophy of performance management has come as main issue in the nature of business organization and educational institutions. Employees played a key role for the success of the organization, if they clearly understand about what is expected from them and have the support needed to contribute to the organization in an efficient and productive ways through a good performance management practice, it was assumed they can improve their understanding on their performance, motivation, self esteem in organization. The understanding can be seen from employees’ attitude through the implementation of performance management practice. In relation to these issues, to explore closely and clearly about performance management practice in XX University, the researcher conducted a qualitative study through exploratory research method to explored employees attitude and using questionnaire survey to justify employees answered about their attitude towards performance management practice. The results of this research are describe several main areas: the effectiveness in assessment employees attitude towards implementation of performance management practice, that can be used as a performance evaluation; how the system should be conducted; and how to communicate the feedback of the evaluation to motivate employees to perform at the level of best pedagogical practices, to maintain training and development and to improve the quality of employees performance


Performance Management Practice; Performance Management; Employees Attitude; Educational Institutions

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